System Features

The Aftermarket Integration Cable allows any customer the ability to add an OEM grade navigation Prodigy One.2 sytem seamlessly to their aftermarket touchscreen head unit. With the Prodigy One.2 system as the base platform, customers can easily integrate the Prodigy One.2 and add on many of the Directus plugin features as well. The intuitive HMI offers large, easy-to-see graphics that let you navigate your way easily through various menus and options. You can utilize the built in media player on the display screen up front while you’re parked, or connect a back seat monitor so your passengers can enjoy entertainment media while you’re driving. The Prodigy One.2 also has many expandable options that include the safety of a rear-view camera, hands free Bluetooth, radar detection and even Wi-Fi for internet connectivity.

Navigation Software

  1. Basic Features include: Smart Mapping & 3D mapping with a proven engine of the highest caliber
  2. Smart Keyboard, Smart History, Driver Alerts, Real Junctions and several optional capabilities
  3. Mapping update portal through This site provides map, content and software updates for our customers from all around the world

The INTRAPHEX Nav smart keyboard speeds up the process of entering city and street names by offering the most likely matching choices based on previously used destinations and on city population sizes.

Further sophisticated route calculation – INTRAPHEX Nav calculates not only fast, short, and economical route variants, but also easy-to-follow routes, which include fewer and simpler maneuvers, using main roads where possible.

Route overview – INTRAPHEX NAV overview presents the route variants (fast, short, economical, and easy-to-follow) and their most important properties on a top-down map, and gives users freedom of choice. The smart history ‘learns’ the user’s behavior and habits: It offers a ranked list with the most likely destinations based on the current GPS position and previous routes.

Emergency – The “Where am I?” function helps users in emergency situations: This function specifies the current GPS position, and helps in locating nearby assistance, such as a police station, ambulance, break-down service etc.

The Universial Prodigy One.2 kit Includes

  • Prodigy One.2 System
  • 8GB SD Card with IntraphexNav
  • Premium Navigation Software
  • Speaker and Mounting Bracket
  • Video RCA Cable
  • Power Harness
  • External GPS Antenna
  • INTRAPHEX / Nissan touch screen kit

 Optional Plugins

  • Back-Up Cameras
  • Wi-Fi Adaptor
  • USB Hub
  • Radar Detector
  • Wireless Remote Control

Compatibility List

Nissan Vehicles

Infiniti Vehicles

2009-2013 with Color Screen Displays












*Custom Modification Required